Ubuntu Linux Coming to Tablets Next Year

Tablet Press Release

It is now official, a tablet version of Ubuntu will be arriving onto tablets next year. Even though they will have to play catch up on the number of apps available for their software, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said that it will be “really easy” for Android developers to port their apps to Ubuntu using a Java interpreter. The framework is also very similar to that of blackberry’s and will run apps designed with HTML 5 and JavaScript, the two main languages that apps are developed in.

Will developers make apps for the new OS? Time will tell but Canonical wants to make it as easy as possible for developers. The main attraction in my opinion is that Canonical wants to have the same experience that users have on the desktop for every other device you own. Creating one seamless transition between devices. This means when a developer will make an app for a tablet OS, it will be able to run on future projects such as TVs, Phones and PC. You can read the press release here.

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